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Version: v1

Python API client

Python client allows you to easily integrate the ScrapingAnt API in your Python project.


scrapingant-client is the official library to access ScrapingAnt API from your JavaScript applications. It provides useful features like parameters encoding to improve the ScrapingAnt usage experience.

It can be installed via pip:

pip install scrapingant-client

Or check out the Github project page.

Start consuming API

In order to get API key you'll need to register at ScrapingAnt Service

Usage of ScrapingAnt API client is quite straight forward, as it supports all the input and output describe at Request and response format page. Below you can find an example of it's usage:

from scrapingant_client import ScrapingAntClient

client = ScrapingAntClient(token='<YOUR-SCRAPINGANT-API-TOKEN>')
# Scrape the site.
result = client.general_request('')

API reference

All the additional info can be found at the ScrapingAnt Python client page.

Issues and tracking

In order to help us improve our service, please, don't hesitate to create an issue or feature request at Github