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Version: v2

ScrapingAnt Documentation

Learn about what ScrapingAnt is and what we do with the most reliable Web Scraping API.

Where to start?

You can start from visiting our web scraping techniques handbook to revise popular methods and tools for web scraping or just check out the API Basics documentation to start using our API.

How does ScrapingAnt work?

Almost everything we provide is centered around our general Web Scraping API, which runs the cluster of hundreds Chrome browsers under the hood. With help of these browsers ScrapingAnt performs a web scraping task for you, so only the needed action to get the required data is just making the API call.

Where to find code samples?

ScrapingAnt has a public Github account with scraping projects that can help to understand the main concepts of web scraping with using of API.

The best way to start using API

We're recommending to use our request generator and a request constructor with a handy UI that helps to create a proper API request. You can find it out at the user dashboard.


You can start using ScrapingAnt API by just log in via Github or Google.