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ScrapingAnt Documentation

Learn about what ScrapingAnt is and what we do with the most reliable Web Scraping API.

Where to start?#

Check out the API Basics documentation to start using our API.

How does ScrapingAnt work?#

Almost everything we provide is centered around our general Web Scraping API, which runs the cluster of hundreds Chrome browsers under the hood. With help of these browsers ScrapingAnt performs a web scraping task for you, so only the needed action to get the required data is just making the API call.

Where to find code samples?#

ScrapingAnt has a public Github account with scraping projects that can help to understand the main concepts of web scraping with using of API.

The best way to start using API#

We're recommending to use our request generator and a request constructor with a handy UI that helps to create a proper API request. You can find it out at the user dashboard.


You can start using ScrapingAnt API by just log in via Github or Google.