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Version: v2

JSON (rich) response

Extended endpoint with a rich data output

In case you prefer working with JSON response format, or you need to operate the response cookies and status code you can use the extended response endpoint:

It uses the same request structure as the general endpoint, but provides the extended response.

Response structure

ScrapingAnt's extended endpoint returns a JSON object with the content, text ,cookies and status_code properties:

"content": "<html><body><h1>Hello, World!</h1></body></html>",
"text": "Hello, World!",
"cookies": "cookie_name_1=cookie_value_1;cookie_name_2=cookie_value_2",
"status_code": 200
contentStringContent from the scraped web page
textStringText content from the scraped web page
cookiesStringResponse cookies from the scraped web page
status_codeNumberStatus code received from the scraped page