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API credits usage

API credits billing and related questions

What is API credit?#

API credit is an internal entity used for billing and cost metering. It allows differentiating API requests with different parameters, complexity, and pricing.

API credits amount#

Each subscription plan contains a particular amount of API credits that can be used during the subscription period. Unused API credits are not transferred to the next subscription period.

Request cost#

Each API request price can be found in the following table:

Request settingsAPI credits cost
Simple request (no JS rendering) + standard (datacenter) proxy1
Simple request (no JS rendering) + premium (residential) proxy50
Headless browser (JS rendering) + standard (datacenter) proxy10
Headless browser (JS rendering) + premium (residential) proxy250

API credits usage status#

It's possible to get the current status of API credits usage at the dashboard or using API endpoint:


With the following output:

"plan_name": "Enthusiast", // Active subscription plan name
"start_date": "2022-01-11T00:00:00", // Active subscription start date
"end_date": "2022-02-11T00:00:00", // Active subscription end date
"plan_total_credits": 100000, // Active subscription total credits
"remained_credits": 96740 // Active subscription credits left