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Version: v2

Request and response format

Information about supported parameters and format of API request.


You can find your API token on the dashboard page in the user's admin panel.

API parameter-based authentication

The API request can be authenticated using x-api-key query parameter:


Request format

The web scraping endpoint is available at the following URL:

Passing parameters via GET method

Parameters should be provided as a query string parameters in urlencoded format.

Example below shows how will look URL with the scraping request to

How to encode query parameters in different programming languages:

Available parameters

Below you can find the full list of the available parameters:

urlrequiredStringURL to scrape
x-api-keyrequiredStringYour ScrapingAnt API key.
browseroptionalBooleanEnables using headless browser for scraping. Default: true. See Headless browser for more info.
return_page_sourceoptionalBooleanEnables returning data returned by the server and unaltered by the browser. Default: false. When true - JS won't be rendered. This feature works only with browser=true. See Scraping without JS rendering for more info.
cookiesoptionalStringCookies to pass with a scraping request to the target site. See Custom cookies for more info.
js_snippetoptionalStringBase64 encoded JS snippet to run once page being loaded in the ScrapingAnt browser. This feature works only with browser=true. See more at Javascript execution.
proxy_typeoptionalStringSpecifies proxy type to make request from. Default: datacenter. See Proxy settings for more info.
proxy_countryoptionalStringSpecifies proxy country to make request from. See Proxy settings for more info.
wait_for_selectoroptionalStringThe CSS selector of the element our service will wait for before returning result. This feature works only with browser=true. See Wait for CSS selector for more info.
block_resourceoptionalString (repeated param)Block resource types. Prevents cloud browser from loading specified resource types. Can be repeated in case several resource types should be blocked. This feature works only with browser=true. Available resource types: document, stylesheet, image, media, font, script, texttrack, xhr, fetch, eventsource, websocket, manifest, other

Response structure

ScrapingAnt web scraping API endpoint returns plain html content of the scraped web page:

<html><body><h1>Hello, World!</h1></body></html>

In case of an error, the response has the HTTP status code in the range of 4xx or 5xx and the response properties will be replaced with detail property.

For example:

"detail": "Human readable error description"

If you are looking for JSON response format, please check ScrapingAnt's JSON response endpoint.

See Errors for more details.