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Version: v2


Possible error responses from the scraping API.

Error Responses

The ScrapingAnt API uses common HTTP status codes: 2xx range for success, 4xx range for errors caused by the caller (invalid requests) and 5xx range for server errors. Each error response contains a JSON object defining the detail property, which is a string that contains a human-readable error description. For example:

"detail": "Wrong host part of url. Please check out the documentation"

Error Codes

Below you can find the table of possible errors which can occur while scraping:

HTTP status codeReason
400Wrong request format. Make sure that you're using a proper JSON input.
403The API token is wrong or you have exceeded the API credits limit.
404The requested URL is not reachable. Please, check it in your browser or try again.
405The API endpoint can only be accessed using the following HTTP methods: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.
409Concurrent requests limit exceeded. Please, try again or upgrade to the paid plan
422Invalid value provided. Please, look into detail for more info.
423The anti-bot detection system has detected the request. Please, retry or change the request settings.
500Something went wrong with the server side code. Rare case. We're recommending to contact us in this case.