Possible error responses from the scraping API.

Error Responses#

The ScrapingAnt API uses common HTTP status codes: 2xx range for success, 4xx range for errors caused by the caller (invalid requests) and 5xx range for server errors. Each error response contains a JSON object defining the detail property, which is a string that contains a human-readable error description. For example:

"detail": "Wrong host part of url. Please check out the documentation"

Error Codes#

Here is the table of the errors that can occur for both GET and POST methods with scraping API:

HTTP status codeReason
403The API token is wrong or you have exceeded the API calls request limit
405The API endpoint can only be accessed using the following HTTP methods: GET, POST
422Invalid value provided. Please, look into detail for more info
500Something went wrong with the server side code. Rare case. We're recommending to contact us in this case